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Tourism Development:

In today’s world of globalization, tourism is considered as one of the world’s major and rapidly developing industry of the modern world. For any country, tourism is capable of having a significant influence on economic development. Tourism can add extra value for the Bangladeshi economy, however such influx of tourists can only be achieved amidst proper usage of effective marketing plans and to have a long term oriented growth strategy. While most of the neighboring countries in South Asia and South East Asia have already been successfully operating their tourism industry for quite some time now; Bangladesh is still quite a fresh tourism destination. Bangladesh  has  an enormous  potential  to  develop  tourism  primarily because  of  its  attractive unadulterated natural beauty, which can be experienced all throughout the land. A healthy tourism sector can be constructed if such plans are implemented for this purpose. Bangladesh needs all its stakeholders for the sake of tourism industry, encompassing our entire population to rise up and get noted on a global level to show how far we have developed as a nation. Investments from both public and private level are required into the tourism sector along regional cooperation amongst relevant stakeholders can bring extraordinary benefits for the Bangladeshi Tourism Industry.

The Bangladesh Tourism Board is taking initiatives in order to enrich different points of interests all over Bangladesh. There are several points of interests spread all over Bangladesh that have received little or no attention, places which are still unknown and waiting to be launched for the global community. But these points of interests still require various touch ups of different scales in order for being able to attract tourists. The goal is to make these locations more tourism friendly; namely to create adequate amount of accommodation, better quality eateries, to develop capable and knowledgeable human resources fit enough to communicate with the tourists at these sites.


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